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Do you wonder why I prefer to be alone? — ЖЖ
I admit I've lost control
Thanks for all the presents!
I was so happy to get all those balloons and a certificate to fly on one!
And Iphone 4 is a very cool present even though the signal losses are terrible and antenna is really a crap!
The most exciting present, and i mean exciting like when you are a child and you get this "WOW" signal and urgent need to get your hands on it and PLAY it 24/7! And to be honest i didn't feel like that for a long time...
So, I am finally a proud owner of my own XBOX 360!! \ik-ˈs bäks ˈthrē ˈsiks-tē!!!!\ Thank you, Andrew Mosdef! Love you XXX so sad i am not a girl <3
And for all those losers that still thinking of a present for my 33th birthday - buy me some cool XBOX games! (GTA4 and Fallout will do!!)))
Arigato gozaimasu!
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yawn... good nite



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а чем еще заниматься на работе в 2 часа дня в предпраздничный день =)

backstreet boys karakoke deathmatch =)

by tetsuo_ru & insomnian
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ALAN WILDER возвращается!
Новый альбом RECOIL выйдет этой весной!

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журнал переведен в friends only - стучитесь

Музыка: [b1] - Taxi 2

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